¡Salud! is compelling, upbeat and moving, a great tool for learning the much there is to learn from Cuba.
~Paul Farmer, MD, Partners in Health and Harvard Medical School

¡Salud! (Health!), a film about the Cuban approach to public health and the role of Cuban doctors abroad, will be a stimulating addition to your DVD collection — right there along with Sicko… (The) ALA‘s Notable Videos for Adults Committee…named ¡Salud! an ALA 2008 Notable Video for Adults. Only 15 films made the list.”

Film review by Ann Sparanese in Social Responsibilities Round Table Newsletter, American Library Association, June 2008
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“Thanks…for giving us this gem of a film to help us to educate a new generation of physicians in these achievable visions, and in the process re-educate ourselves.”

Hugh H. Tilson, MD, DrPH, University of North Carolina School of Public Health
In ¡SALUD! The Film: Cuba and the Quest for Health
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, May 2008

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¡Salud! demonstrates how a poor small island state can impact health around the world.  The Cuban medical brigades offer more than clinical skills to the developing countries.  They bring health to the underserved who might otherwise not survive and more importantly, they bring hope for change in health care systems to make health accessible to all.   Cuba has made the health of the people an indicator of the country’s performance for development.  ¡Salud! also presents a compelling example of south-south cooperation that has strengthened friendship and solidarity among peoples and countries.”

Mirta Roses, MD, Director, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

¡Salud! is an excellent, accurate and deeply moving portrayal of a healthcare system designed to keep people healthy rather than the ‘sickcare’ system that currently exists in the United States.”

Joycelyn Elders, MD, former U.S. Surgeon General

“¡Salud! is a great movie that should inform our nation’s urgent quest to raise health standards for all citizens.”

William D. Rogers

former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs

“We see very clearly how access to good health care can transform neighbourhoods, regions and even entire countries. But we also must acknowledge that Cuba is an island, a socialist island whose unique geography, history and nationalist pride is built on the idea of community and communal help. It would be difficult to replicate this model elsewhere and the Cuban doctors profiled agreed.”

Gabriela Soto Laveaga
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
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“Exhilarating  ¡Salud! shines a light on young people of diverse cultures and continents who share a borderless commitment to the health of their communities…a commitment nourished by the example of health care in Cuba.”

Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole
Chair of the Board, The JBC Global Diversity and Inclusion Institute

“Those interested in the realities of Cuba’s health care progress — and the many lessons we can learn — can skip the Michael Moore film and instead see ¡Salud!

Steven Clemons, Director, American Strategy Program
New America Foundation & Publisher, www.TheWashingtonNote.com

“For anyone interested in health and social justice, “¡Salud! is indispensable to understanding the Cuban model — what has been accomplished with very limited resources and the transformative potential of construing health as a fundamental human right and a matter of basic human dignity.”

Alicia Yamin, JD, MPH, Physicians for Human Rights

“I salute ¡Salud! for teaching us how much we can learn not just about – but from – Cuba.”

Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board 
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

¡Salud! is for everyone who cares about health care, especially policymakers. It challenges us to do a better job bringing health services to our communities in need.”

Congressman José E. Serrano
16th District, The Bronx, NY

¡Salud! shows what is possible if the priorities are right in your society.
~Karen Bass, US Representative, 37th District, California

¡Salud! shows us that, regardless of economic constraints, health for all is possible when government intelligently applies basic principles and makes a healthy citizenry a top priority.”

Georges Benjamin, MD, FACP, Executive Director
American Public Health Association (APHA)

¡Salud! should be required viewing for all medical students — it provides the fresh and inspiring perspectives on healthcare delivery and medical education that are desperately needed in the current climate of medicine at large.”

Jay Bhatt, National President 2006 – 2007, American Medical Students Association

“If you need to be inspired, “¡Salud! is a movie for you. This story of thousands of Cuban doctors and other healthcare professionals volunteering in dozens of countries around the world to deliver care to those in need is a tremendous lesson in human solidarity. Imagine what a different world this would be if instead of 2.5 million soldiers in 125 countries, we sent 2.5 million doctors, nurses and other caregivers. Every healthcare worker should see this film and smile.”

Dennis Rivera, President
SEIU Healthcare

¡Salud! is a powerful film whose time has come. It’s essential to those seriously working for a national health insurance program in the United States: it shows what is possible when the focus is the patient, not profits.”

Quentin Young, MD, National Coordinator
Physicians for a National Health Program

All I can say is wow! ¡Salud! is a terrific and tremendously useful film. How can the business of medicine not hang its head in shame for its showing in the world of health care delivery? ¡Salud! shows the breadth of Cuba’s care and outreach. Cuban doctors go to countries where they could leave and become rich, but instead they choose the wealth and beauty of caring for others, and that’s an example and a direction for all medicine.

~Patch Adams, MD

¡Salud! is just the kind of the film we want to showcase in our festival.”

Ayuko Babu, Executive Director
Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), Los Angeles
On presenting ¡Salud! the Audience Choice Award

¡Salud! is at once an emotionally powerful, informative and entertaining film that shows how seriously Cuba puts into practice the moral value of healthcare as a human right.  The film will provide important food for thought among audiences interested in religion, ethics and building a more humane world.”

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, Director of Religion, Chautauqua Institution

“The film ¡Salud! provides an invaluable perspective on the Cuban health system demonstrating its success in providing primary care and a focus on community health. With predictions of a future shortage of primary care providers in the United States, viewing ¡Salud! is a must for those who are interested in improving access to health services.”

Lloyd Novick, MD, President
Association of Prevention Teaching and Research
(formerly the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine)

¡Salud! should been seen by everyone from our political leaders to students in high schools and colleges who will shape the world of the future. We need to acknowledge that a country with the population of Ohio–only 90 miles from our borders–has evolved a system that rivals ours in terms of longevity, literacy, infant mortality and care for the chronically ill; and at a fraction of the cost. Surely there is a message here!

Robert S. Blacklow MD
Visiting Professor Social Medicine Harvard Medical School
President and Dean Emeritus, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy

“Cuba established a highly regarded universal health care system decades ago, and has provided medical assistance and medical education to the less privileged in developing countries since the early 1960s. ¡Salud! shows us the latest chapter in this incredible story.”

Julie Feinsilver, Ph.D.

¡Salud! is moving testimony of what international solidarity and good will can do.  I look forward to using this powerful educational tool in my history classes.

Félix Masud-Piloto, PhD
Professor of History &
Director, Center for Latino Research, DePaul University, Chicago

Even if you’ve never heard of the advanced medicine and commitment to universal healthcare of the Cuban medical system, you will be awed and inspired when you see ¡Salud!.   I was particularly thrilled by the commitment of the Cuban doctors to the poorest of the poor all over the world.

Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator, Healthcare-NOW

¡Salud! brings forward the most salient issues in global health today and
successfully reveals that the right to health is urgent and inescapable.”

Arachu Castro, PhD, MPH, Harvard Medical School

“¡Salud! tells the story of how Cuba is providing a new breed of public health physician to bridge the appalling gap in health equity worldwide.”

Andres-Jacques Neusy, MD, MPH, New York University Medical School,
Global Health Education Consortium governing council

¡Salud! lets audiences in on the unknown story of how Cuba is becoming a global health leader because of its peculiar ability to develop the health professionals and public health infrastructure so desperately needed in the world today.”

Patricia W. Wahl, PhD, Dean
School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington

“Watch ¡Salud! and you’ll be in awe of what a small, poor country can do to alleviate suffering all over the world. The love and care that Cuban-trained doctors are giving to poor patients from South Africa to Venezuela and The Gambia is a lasting legacy to the life-affirming values of the Cuban government and its people.”

Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange

From the Film

“Of all the so-called developing nations, Cuba has by far the best health system.  And their outreach program to other countries is unequaled anywhere.”

Former President Jimmy Carter, in ¡Salud!

“Cuba was a natural for us…They shared our philosophy of health equity, prevention-oriented care and training doctors for public service.”

Ayanda Ntsaluba, MD
South Africa’s Former Director General of Health
Current Director General, Foreign Relations

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